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    Adios, Archie

    4 years of Archie teams. They are consistent when it comes to falling behind with poor starts, grindingly bad Offense, bad 3-point shooting and bad FT shooting. None of these aspects have improved, in fact, it's getting worse. A former pg who can't teach offense. His emotionless persona seems...
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    Here's a Few RB Coach Names & Bio's -

    How 'bout former IU FB Andre Powell? Has been RBs and Special Teams coach at Pitt for a while now. Previous to that MD and Clemson IIRC.
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    2021 Way too early Rankings

    McMurphy's early top 25 had IU between 26-40. Only listed his next 15 alphabetically.
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    Jamar Johnson declares for the draft

    Best of luck in the NFL Jamar!! Thanks for all your contributions to IU Football the last 3 years. The Pick 6 vs Vols last year was as exciting as any play in many years for IU. And the Endzone pick at PU. And the forced fumble with Stallings return at Nebraska.
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    2021 Schedule and Expectations

    Cincy qb is currently projected between the 6th-10th qb if came out for '21 draft, putting him in the 3rd-4th round range. I don't think he has made a decision yet. Scouts seem to be split on him. Some think staying won't improve his position much, while others think with improved, more...
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    I believe Leal played the entire second half and the OTs.

    All the guys played hard. Great effort tonight, including Leal, who should definitely get more PT after this game. His Ability to hit 3's kept UW D from sagging on TJD as much as usually happens.
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    Davehack, not me. I've long been a "get it and go" proponent in that late game situation. The D is on it's heels. A TO, especially against a good defensive team like Wisconsin, helps the defense more than the O. IU needed to steal that game. That was there moment to do it. Instead they let the...
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    Hate the TO with 7.7 end of 1st OT. Gives the D time to set up. Would think teams practice this situation every day for the dribbler to push it to the hole and everyone else spread out for a 3. Instead IU takes a TO and comes out of the huddle with a play that doesn't even get a shot. Over...
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    Tramar Reece in Portal

    It was fairly obvious the OL struggled giving backs much room to run most of the season. Stevie did what he could, getting hit at the line and falling fwd for a few yards. Then IU's pass game struggled vs MD and certainly vs Ole Miss. Vs MD, IU decided to run the ball and got some flow, a lead...
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    This ones on Allen

    I wasn't at yesterday's game. I was at last year's Gator Bowl. After an evening to digest things, I think I am more aggravated by yesterday. Not so much that IU was favored and lost, but that an Offensive Game Plan that obviously was not working (mostly sideways passes) wasn't adjusted MUCH...
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    WTH was the game plan today?

    Puzzling is all I can say of Sheridan's pass heavy, bubble screen heavy scheme today. They were a bad D that couldn't stop the run, yet IU kept throwing. The bubble screen didn't work at all today after barely using it this yr. Whop running backwards multiple times didn't help either. Nor did...
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    18 Cs for 85 yards

    Sheridan's Whop heavy attack was puzzling. Hadn't used that bubble screen much all year, after using it a lot last year. IU has plenty of weapons on O who were totally under utilized all day, especially Scott in the run game. The run was there. Took Sheridan 3 quarters to figure that out.
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    Should've fired Wommack at the half

    This is a joke right?? This Ole Miss O is one of the best in the country. Holding them to 13 was admirable. Considering they were out there for probably 20 of the 30 minutes. The O with Sheridan forcing the ball on passes that aren't there when we can run against one of the worst D's needed to...
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    IU/Ole Miss Prediction Thread

    IU 41 Ole Miss 30
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    We finally can rejoice!!

    NoVertical is not pleased. Sure he wanted them to go into the New Year with an L.
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    2021 IU Forecast

    With everything that's happened with the 2020 schedule, still feel there will be some tweaks to this '21 schedule. First one being @ WKU. Won't be surprised if this is changed to a home game. Then, will teams like Idaho even want or be able to make this trip? May need to find a fill-in there...
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    2021 IU Forecast

    When the dust settles on this season, hoping the league will re-visit some of the games lost due to shortened season and adjust. For example, getting the Illini and PU back on as missed home games. IU hasn't played Illini since '17 and can replace Minny. I am sure there are other schools who...
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    Clown Thread

    Can this one be closed or take the trash out??
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    Who stays? Who goes?

    Don't have stats on number of plays, but thought Pierre has been getting a decent number of snaps in recent games.
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    Who stays? Who goes?

    The body can only take so many hits. Selfishly, would love to see as many stick around as possible, but know some think they are ready. For all they have given to IU, their coaches, their teammates, us fans, I am grateful. While Scott looks like he could go, I think back to Jordan Howard...