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    Is Georgia ready for a coach yet?

    His first 3 years were really bad. Got it going in year 4 because of Cody. I expected big things in year 5 but you know Syracuse. After that momentum was lost in recruiting. Yogi carried the teams the rest of the way but recruiting was stunted and fan base was not behind him. Archie gets one...
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    Packline D is crap!

    Wish I could buddy. Wish I could. This place is like a bad drug and Iu basketball is like a train wreck that you have to watch.
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    What the hell happened on the free throw rebound where we had 2 IU guys by themselves getting the rebound and then 2 more fts by Purdue
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    Packline D is crap!

    Should be wiping the floor with this team to be honest. Think Ill watch Cobra Kai for the 3rd time.
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    Every shot I have seen him shoot has missed terribly. Not even close.
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    Armaan Franklin

    You could add Steph Curry out there and I have a feeling it wouldnt make a difference. Honestly, dont know what the f$#k the problem is
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    Sam Story.

    Its a big game for sure. We just need to play like we did at Wisconsin. If we do this and less against Northwestern and Texas then we will be fine rest of way. Wisconsin game gave me some hope.
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    I suppose...

    We shot really well early and had a 12-14 point lead but not playing good defense which kept Nebraska in it. If we had a better killer instinct and just kept stopping on their heads to push that lead in the 20s then it wouldve killed any mojo Nebraska thought they had.
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    The Refs are little suspect tonight

    Swallowed the whistle on that last play. TJD got mugged
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    Anthony Leal For 3!!!

    Leal can shoot and he can ball out as well. Watched him Silver Creek last year and they are no cupcake. I think he just needs more shots to get in rhythm
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    If IU wins tonight.

    Ok. My bad. We beat them in 2019, 2016, and 2014 but that was at Assembly Hall. We havent beat them in their house since 1998.
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    If IU wins tonight.

    Somebody check my math or research. I know it was Jan 1998 since we beat them at Kohl so thats 23 years. Couldnt find anything about when we last beat them.
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    If IU wins tonight.

    Been 22 plus years since we beat Wisconsin in basketball. The streak continues tonight and I think it gets ugly.
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    PSU got screwed

    Agree to disagree. Normal possession its a 50-50 call. Last possession it wont be called. If u see one let me know. Just my opinion. Doesnt excuse that we played like shit most of game
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    PSU got screwed

    If we were doing better would shrug this off. The last foul on TJd we wouldve had the ball anyways, the last possession nobody wouldve called that a foul. Other than those two I think it was a fair whistle
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    How to Lose a game

    If we lose this, stick a fork in us. We are done. Probably done anyways
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    We're almost there...

    I agree with your first 2 statements. Dont know enough about Dolson to share that sentiment. Think of this as a divorce settlement unfortunately, have to wait until the right timing to part ways.
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    I assume we have everybody back again next year

    Great. Cant wait. Actually I assume Al and Brunk will be moving on.
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    It's Not That Complicated

    You take off what we give up on turnovers and fast breaks, our defense could even be better. It still looks like we have a slow rotation to cover the shooters though. There's always a guy you never even want him to get a shot off, unfortunately we have guys that cant hit wide open shots minus...
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    wait till archie gets his guys

    When will this be? Im hoping sarcasm as his first recruiting class are now Junior.