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    I don't like this at all, but...

    Folks, we have four victories. I am thankful for four victories. I have lived through years when we have been 0/4.
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    Bucket Game in Lucas Oil?

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    Brownburg beats X in overtime...

    Great game....
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    Joshua Sales to Indiana

    Thanks Joshua. You are going to be a great one and you could not play for a more solid man and coach in Tom Allen. Welcome.
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    Payton Sparks, Winchester

    Wonder if we have this 6'9 man on our radar ?
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    IU # 11 in Team Recruiting 2020

    Heads up Fpeaugh...your wishes are about to come true. Be alert.
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    NCAA Rips Kansas regarding allegations—Wow

    Nothing to see here. As the former head snake at the FBI would say, "But they did not intend to do it".
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    UofL gets NOI

    But, as it is said, "they did not intend to do anything wrong".
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    According to Jeff Rabjohns we could get a 2019 guard

    Go after the 7 foot center from Wake Forest...
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    Anybody seen Radio Zero?

    Look in the mirror and you will see him.
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Sure are a bunch of haters on this site.
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    A win against Nebraska...

    Oh, we have a look on our is one of complacency. I have not seen the look of fire and intensity on the faces and in their eyes all season. It has been obvious from the first tip of the season. They look lost and forsaken most of the time. No spark. It is a foreboding barometer...
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    Jordan Geronimo's Senior Highlights

    Wow....what a talent. Decibel meter will peg. Nice class coming in and look forward to a great ending this year.
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    Trey Kaufman to IU is imminent

    I was fortunate to watch Jimmy Rayl play at Kokomo and IU. Luke Brown reminds me of the "Splendid Splinter". Luke has a high basketball IQ, works hard and has a great motor. He will continue to be a winner......somewhere.
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    Peyton Hendershot Arrested:

    Next man up. What a shame.
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    Luke Brown is Special!

    Even if Luke is entertaining any idea of coming to IU, I doubt if he does after reading these messages.
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    Sparty bites the dust...

    Again. Been a bad day for the greenies.
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    Dantonio Retires

    Wonder if this brings Kyle King back into the picture ?
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    Rodney McGraw a Hoosier

    Thanks Rodney....welcome aboard.
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    IU's Three-point shooting history

    Some of the three point shooting problems are due to not feeding the hot hand. Someone hits one or two in a row and we ignore him for the next day or two. Some days the horse does not run well. but when he does, feed him.