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  1. ndhuntington

    Mick Cronin at UCLA

    Or Chris Beard
  2. ndhuntington

    I think what we need right now.....

    Dude please pass the good stuff around.
  3. ndhuntington

    I think what we need right now.....

    Are you being sarcastic?
  4. ndhuntington

    Why I think a coaching change has to be made

    The standard was set at Indiana I expect any coach at minimum to win 20-25 games complete for big ten and national championships.
  5. ndhuntington

    Game analysis is easy in this one

    Typical Indiana shooting night.
  6. ndhuntington

    Latest Bracketology were a #8 seed playing Arkansas
  7. ndhuntington

    ESPN - Why it Pays to Have Patience with College Coaches

    Texas don't care about basketball. It's all about football the money they are still paying Herman which is a 15 milion payout plus they pay Steve Sarkisian 5.2mil a year but the sad thing is they laid off workers for a new coach...
  8. ndhuntington

    Calbert Cheaney

    Indiana must get it right this time no swings and misses. We need proven winners who have shown they can build programs at multiple places. 1.Chris Beard 2.Bruce Pearl 3.Steve Alford 4.Buzz Williams 5. Jamie Dixion Thad Matta, John Belien, and Greg Marshall are available free agents as we say...
  9. ndhuntington

    Sam Story.

    This is year four we should be competing for big ten championships not a middle of the road big ten team. We have the worse shooters I have ever seen at Indiana. I was watching Guyton's podcast and Jared Jeffries is like I don't understand why there are no shooters makes no sense.
  10. ndhuntington

    Interesting analysis of game

    Keep sticking up for Archie maybe next game he will have four freshman in at the same time . His sub pattern makes Tom Crean look like John Wooden.
  11. ndhuntington

    Interesting analysis of game

    I didn't know archie had friends.
  12. ndhuntington

    Interesting analysis of game

    Sorry dad, we all know your love for Archie.
  13. ndhuntington

    What happened to Galloway?

    Roberts first year 4.2 ppg 4.4rbg 0.9 apg Galloway first year 4.4ppg 2.2 rbg 1.8apg McRoberts .353 3p% Galloway .222 3p%
  14. ndhuntington

    Interesting analysis of game

    Game was lost around 10min mark in first half Archie decided to play three freshman at the same time Wisconsin went on a 11-0 run. Archie has to be accountable for some questionable moves.
  15. ndhuntington

    What happened to Galloway?

    Zack McRoberts 2.0. Good defender can't shoot good kid but not a big ten player.
  16. ndhuntington

    I feel like there’s something stirring

    If we don't make the tournament he should be fired. Next year is not looking promising either time to start over.
  17. ndhuntington

    Anyone see anything better than 15-12 regular season?

    I would be extremely happy a with 15-12 record signed Tom Crean.
  18. ndhuntington


    Same shi* different game. I was hoping by year 4 we would start wining close games I was wrong. Looking at our schedule I see at best 14-13.