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  1. IUgradman

    Post-game thoughts

    Lighten up, Francis.
  2. IUgradman

    Post-game thoughts

    Well, I do think the offense scores more than 26 points with Penix.
  3. IUgradman

    Post-game thoughts

    We are a good team that was missing its star QB. That’s why we lost. Tuttle is just not at Penix’s level.
  4. IUgradman

    Allen needs to clean house.

    We don't need our program critiqued by a freaking Purdue fan. You have enough problems up in West Laffy.
  5. IUgradman

    Reasons for optimism, yet lots of questions about 2021

    A lot of experience is returning which should in theory be a good thing. Penix will hopefully be ready to start the season. The schedule will be tough but if this program is where we all hope it will be it can be a successful year.
  6. IUgradman

    Big scheme good thoughts

    Today was disappointing but here we are complaining about our January bowl game when even qualifying for a lower tier bowl used to be a pipe dream. The program is moving forward. Learn from this and keep improving.
  7. IUgradman

    Almost won a bowl game with QB2

    Go **** yourself, troll.
  8. IUgradman

    Almost won a bowl game with QB2

    Let me know when Purdue has a solid year again. Don’t talk **** about our bowl game when your team didn’t even play in one.
  9. IUgradman

    WTH was the game plan today?

    We’ll do what we want, punk. Cry more.
  10. IUgradman

    Almost won a bowl game with QB2

    Go **** yourself troll.
  11. IUgradman

    WTH was the game plan today?

    A disjointed, uneven effort. Ole Miss had the defense on its heels all game. Running game was ignored until late. The ball was force fed to Whop at the expense of other talented receivers.
  12. IUgradman

    Allen needs to clean house.

    The offensive line was subpar as was the playcalling. Tuttle threw it way too many times.
  13. IUgradman

    Play calls ..

    I don’t recall that play working much at all throughout the game.
  14. IUgradman

    Wow.... that was some of the worst execution I've ever witnessed.

    Stop throwing sideways. Throw the ball away when no one is open. First and second down killed that last drive.
  15. IUgradman

    Why the love affair with Whop today?

    How many negative or zero yard gains did we have throwing him the ball?
  16. IUgradman

    We are going to get rolled today

    I am disappointed the team came out so flat. I thought Allen would have them hyped and motivated.
  17. IUgradman

    Wommack getting exposed badly

    This is on the offense. The defense has held up remarkably well.
  18. IUgradman

    Ohio State/Clemson

    This game shows IU is close. Closer than we ever thought possible.
  19. IUgradman

    Florida down 31-13 at the half

    Boy I sure am glad the CFP selection committee put a three loss, disinterested Florida team in a NY6 bowl over a one loss, motivated IU squad.
  20. IUgradman

    Raise your hand

    If the bottom falls out this year Archie cannot come back. IU will be a zombie program.