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    Adios, Archie

    It might be in Archie’s best interest if he his fired or resigns after this year. He’s been exposed as a small time mid major coach. Next year is going to be even uglier if TJD leaves. On a positive note, TJD is really good and fun to watch.
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    During the Wisconsin (if my memory is correct) he had a nice one step two handed dunk that surprised me. It was the most explosive I had seen him around the rim.
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    ESPN - Why it Pays to Have Patience with College Coaches

    Alford? You really do hate IU.
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    ESPN - Why it Pays to Have Patience with College Coaches

    I only believe Coach Geez. He said he knows him and knows what he will or will not do.
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    ESPN - Why it Pays to Have Patience with College Coaches

    I would be nicer. She might kick your a#% if she reads your comments💃
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    ESPN - Why it Pays to Have Patience with College Coaches

    I was actually curious about our chances with him. You have the inside scoop and I was hoping with your charm and charisma you might have convinced him to come to IU?
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    **ck This!

    lol...what did you expect? Every team Archie has had at IU has been inconsistent. Play a couple of good games and then lay an egg or two. Rinse and repeat. You might want to take a break because it’s not going to change while he is the head coach.
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    Market Moving Much Higher

    I assume some state bailouts and infrastructure?
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    Best Lineup Tonight

    I think it was an excellent post. I also think you need to slow your roll🤗
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    Arch’, give Lander some minutes

    We won the game because Race played well and TJD took over in the 2nd half. Hunter literally gave Maryland 6 free throws and still continued to play. Galloway was awful. Leal did nothing. Phin was his usual up and down. Durham struggled shooting, but able to get to the line. I don’t...
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    Arch’, give Lander some minutes

    Its ridiculous he doesn’t play 10+ minutes a game. Hunter committed 3 really dumb fouls in the 2nd half and Archie continued to play him. The 4 healthy guards in front of Lander went a combined 6-25 from the field and they continued to play. At some point Archie might want to figure out his...
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    Desperation (Slightly OT)

    It’s the signs of high expectations, clear objectives, and deep pockets. Desperation is hanging on to a bad coach for 9 years when it was clear after year 3 he wasn’t the guy. Also, if Archie keeps up this shit sandwich of a season, he should be let go.
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    How about that Rutgers-Purdue game?

    I try to stay away from all Prince Alberts.
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    How about that Rutgers-Purdue game?

    Wimp. I had a 4 and half footer in college (a gift passed down from Brad Miller of all people). A funny story for you about beginners. A girl who rarely smoked wanted to hit it. So, she filled up and ripped away. About 15 minutes later she started scooting on her butt out of the living room...
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    Something happens to Archies teams under 8 minutes

    It’s also our coach’s job to make adjustments to put our players in better situations to score and recruit players who can create their own shot.
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    Raise your hand

    Do you have inside information on TJD or is it just an assumption? If we lose TJD, Archie, isn’t going to make it to year 6.
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    Something happens to Archies teams under 8 minutes

    He’a also not real good at drawing up end of game plays. They usually lack creativity and the opposing defense knows what is coming. Thankfully, Phin, bailed us out.
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    Raise your hand

    Good post. The reality is your wasting your time. For some strange reason people fell in love with Archie and they are going to ride the ship to the bottom of the ocean. It’s annoying, but it’s cool people have that much passion for the program. Enjoy the new year.
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    we are not that bad

    I agree on the hostile environment. The 41 fans really had the place rocking;)