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    We was talkin

    Just me or does this post read oddly like an imposter Randy Jenkins?
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    Gaurantee that if

    Didn’t Avery Johnson do it a few years ago at Alabama?
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    Curtis Jones beats IU

    Early nomination for post of the year.
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    Announcers keep talking about IU shooting and Rutger defense..

    Agreed on the defense part. They beat us with penetration and lob or penetration and kick in several instances. They only attempted 49 shots and shot ~48%. In Big Ten play, they’d averaged ~10-12 more shot attempts per game. They took the air out of the ball midway through the second half...
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    Rotation versus Rutgers?

    Yep. That sequence stuck out to me too. Leaned over to pick up the ball while Rutgers dove on the floor. We’d fought back from a rough start, 24-22 at that point, break away lay in by Young and now a mini run that closed the half down 7 instead.
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    Caleb Furst

    First I’d seen of Goode though I don’t follow recruiting too closely outside this forum. Impressive. Good height, great left hand, solid jump shot (though slight tendency to lean back). Sat out most of the 3rd due to fouls or probably would’ve had more. What’s our status on him?
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    Boss man

    Was at the Wisconsin game, sitting opposite side & end of the IU bench. Could still hear Roberts’s voice coming from the huddle. After a few timeouts, an older woman next to us says to her husband, “who is yelling?”
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    Magic Number?

    I laid it out in another thread. I think it’s 6. Even our “worst” combination of 6 wins by NET ranking should be enough given the current strength of the conference. @NEB, PUR, IOWA, PSU, MINN, WIS As another poster pointed out, it’s a lot of WHAT IF’s but the only real threat is if two of...
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    Like it or not 12-3 tied for 5th

    What if the 7 wins are: OSU, @NEB, PUR, IOWA, PSU, MINN, WIS Like you said, puts us at 19-12. For conversation sake, let’s say we drop 1st round of BTT again, 19-13, 9-11 Conf. Took a look at the current NET rankings (which of course will change over the next 7 weeks) but just for fun these...
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    I don’t post often, but thought the same after ESPN played the segment with him speaking about his father coming out of a timeout. I’m sure last night meant a little more to him given the cause for the event. Great to see him stick with it and have some success late after a tough start. The...
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    2021 IU recruiting thread

    Anyone want to start a thread for these 4-5 guys so they have one spot to infinitely continue this same back and forth instead of ruining good threads? This had been a pretty informative one. Proposed working title - Negative Nancy’s vs. Crimson Blinders?
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    We should smoke Marquette.

    A technical foul in a scrimmage? 43 free throws attempted. Referees appear to be mid-season form.
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    Just taking a fun jab at you! Never posted, just skim. Personally, I’m on the fence whether this is a tournament team. Need to see how the schedule lays out. Conference, specifically. A rocky early conference schedule and I’ve got my side of the fence. This group has to keep its head...
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    $5 barely buys a Big Mac. $10, barely two. Raise your stakes and maybe it will be worth someone’s time to engage you. You sound as weak as they do for not accepting. Your current stakes appear to represent just how “confident” you are the team makes the tourney too. $5-$10 is throw away...