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    That’s why we are an ex-blue blood

    Exactly. Do people think Roy W.,K,Boeheim don't rail on their players in practice. I think Archie must have a knitting class during practice because these guys other than Davis,Thompson and Franklin ain't tough enough.
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    Painter has taken a lot of flack on this.......

    site. Yet, at least he can get 3 point shooters and motivate his team. 64% 3 point shooting against IU's 16%. Enough said. By the way, I've followed IU since 1968,so I'm not a troller. Just observant of facts.
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    Javonte Brown

    Move Duncomb to PF eventually. He would thrive there. Maybe like UK's twin towers of old,Phillips and the other guy[old age].
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    Parker Stewart

    The only bright spot lately is the consistency of Franklin.
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    Keion Brooks.

    Another Trey Lyles.
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    We aren't just bad at shooting

    In 2021, IU better start searching for a true coach. I love Archie but he is over his head I believe.They need a coach that will pull in Kofi Cockburn type of players and lots of really good shooters. Both IU lack sorely.
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    Zero Scorers since Archie took over

    Many do not develop in the NBA EITHER. Just grabbing the money and no dividends for teams in return,. That is on the NBA.
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    Super early thoughts on the roster.

    As you witnessed,IU can ill afford for front line to get in foul trouble. Race has to watch fouling as long as Brunk is sidelined. TJD can get 1-2 quick fouls sometimes also. Almost similar to when Morgan had to go out for extended periods. It will hurt them. Gotta close that dribble drive by...
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    Miller Liking His Four Freshmen

    I see some of these guys as a Steve Eyl,Kreigh Smith, Winston Garland type players. Not great but understand the roles they play in a game. Galloway is way more mature at this point than some. I think the discipline at Culver helped that. Geronimo is going to be a pleasant surprise eventually...
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    Shooting woes...

    Two things stood out- very poor free throw shooting at home. 2. lack of defensive focus in the second half. Granted,teams adapt after halftime but IU let them in the paint way too much plus a few open looks outside. I thought they looked poor at the 3 point shot yet so did IU. One game . Yet...
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    New Aminu Mohammed crystal ball

    I remember Watford playing down low when he clearly was a wing. He played within the coaches system. Kids now want to be outside shooters with little tangling down low. Archie should have never compared TK game to TJD game. Two different styles. I would say that turned TK off immediately. No...
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    Who is next man up

    mixed up players names. I meant Settles. I know Street passed. Sorry for mix up.
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    There is a lot of shit to be thankful for.

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    Who is next man up

    Is Brunk going to be IU's version of Iowa'a Chris Street?
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    ITH - IU's All-time Least Wanted Referee

    Any game where a ref or refs become the focus is a tainted game. TV Ted could never allow the game to be more important than himself. Likewise Burr was an egomaniac who could never allow himself to be humble or correct.
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    Jordan Geronimo/2022 Tyler Nickel

    Besides Lander, I feel Geronimo was the best get for his class. He's going to be a slightly different version of Calbert is he learns leadership role eventually. If he develops even more of an outside game ,his potential is limitless.
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    Let the speculation begin. Again...

    I believe Geronimo might play really well for a frosh.
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    IU is going to the elite 8 this year

    There is no second wave of Covid. A lot of false positives being reported as positives.