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    Guard play from our upperclassman is just embarrassing. TJD and his inability to make ft consistently is beyond frustrating. Team inability to capitalize on Purdue’s mistakes is just bad. IU plays bad basketball against PU.....very consistently
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    Eric Hunter has property inside RP head. Dude just owns him
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    I saw him at Southport also, believe he got thrown out but I liked his aggressive and physical play. He’s gonna be pretty good
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    Lack of shooters

    I watched same thing Agree with everything you posted
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    Richmond lol

    Putting it to the wildcats! Lol
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    Bitch403 is your new name. Get used to it bitch
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    I live on southside of Indianapolis Near perry meridian Hs. Let me know when you are near and I’ll come meet my new favorite bitch
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    That took too long and a pretty weak reply. But seriously you are a bitch, I’m not the first to think this. I have no problem calling you a bitch either, whether while typing or face to face. Because, after all, you are a bitch.
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    Birnk403 Quit being a little bitch....all the time
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    You being a bitch is more of the same
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    You Have $15, Pick Your Starting 5...

    Take into consideration of who created this team. The guy is a complete idiot
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    You Have $15, Pick Your Starting 5...

    Jeffries Haston Gordon Blackmon Williams
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    Geronimo still striving

    This kid has a bright future Great last name
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    My top 5 players at IU

    G Thomas G Alford F Calbert F Henderson F Jeffries Jay Edwards is my favorite player to wear the candy stripes. Been watching older games, IU was a dominant force for almost 3 decades. I really think IU will return to that level. Go HOOSIERS
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    Great answer
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    IU 72 Wisconsin 59

    IU plays strong and plays spoiler to the badgers
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    Jordan Geronimo's Senior Highlights

    His jumper looks good. Saw good mechanics imo
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    Jordan Geronimo's Senior Highlights

    he’s gonna be good
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    Good, he’s not a spartan
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    Just ride it out with Archie.

    Yes. From certain players. Doesn’t happen over night.