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    This IU program sucks

    Nothing else to say
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    Mike Hart is joining Harbaugh’s staff in Ann Arbor

    He will be out of a job after next year. Michigan sucks and Harbaugh will be fired.
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    This is a terrible Nebraska team

    Man I hope we don’t blow this game. Up 18 at one point. Nebraska is awful
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    Scariest game on the schedule.

    Not sure this post means much. This team won’t win more than 3 or 4 more BIG games. So 12 total wins I’m thinking
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    Didn't hear any boos...

    Miller is worst since Bob Knight. That’s all around coach.
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    0 Points Outside the Paint in the 1st Half

    21pts in the first half. What an offense
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    Totally Out Coached So Far

    Damn, IU constantly fooled and out of position so far in game. Sucks
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    Watching Northwestern vs Iowa

    Is there a lot of overdribbling, poor shot selection, and missed free throws too?
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    I assume we have everybody back again next year

    With the NCAA waiving this season for eligibility, I assume we have the exact same team next year plus Duncomb? Same starting guards Al and Phinisee?
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    wait till archie gets his guys

    Yep, Archie is locking down the state and bringing in loads of talent and great shooters.
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    Luke burns NA with seven 3pts

    Just like Brody Boyd struggled too. He killed teams and especially IU.
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    It's Not That Complicated

    stupid post— Archie can’t coach defense or offense. Ayo Dosunmu was left wide open all game and scored 30. Wake up
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    The next 5 games?

    We may win 2 of the next 5. 5 total BIG wins this year
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    How many games does IU win in BIG

    I think this IU team needs all the help it can get regarding advantages. Not so much for other teams.
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    How many games does IU win in BIG

    I see 3-4 wins in BIG this year. No home fans or home court advantage. DATE OPPONENT TIME TV TICKETS Wed, 12/30 vsPSU 8:30 PM BTN Mon, 1/4 vsMD 8:00 PM BTN Thu, 1/7 @9 WISC TBD Sun, 1/10 @NEB TBD Thu, 1/14 vsPUR TBD Sun, 1/17 @12 MSU TBD Thu, 1/21...
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    So a good loss / close game is what IU has become

    Totally pathetic after 4 years that people are tolerable of a good loss/close game. This is a terrible team with awful coaching towards the end and crunch time. Shot selection and offense is a complete joke. Wake up fans. It’s been 4 years of this shit. It’s IU not Nebraska or Penn St.
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    It’s year 4.

    I’d take Chris Collins as coach in a heartbeat This IU program is dismal joke. Awful
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    Fire Archie Miller

    Same stupid BS issues with roster and terrible play. This is the worst coaching staff in the BIG. I’m done until Archie is fired. No chance in hell this team wins enough in the BIG to get a tournament bid. Pathetic
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    Justin Smith

    Saw he had 22pts 17 rebounds the other day. I’m not sure if he’d help IU this year or not???
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    Jack Nunge Iowa

    Iowa sure has a great offensive flow. Beautiful to watch. Great ball movement. Did IU recruit Jack Nunge ? He’s a good player with a great stroke.