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    Articles of Impeachment have been officially drawn up

    As a cyclist, I request that you please don’t be TOO mindless whilst driving around town!
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    Here's a interesting transfer candidate

    This thread went in a strange direction!
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    I-69 Update work helps finish project a year early

    And while we’re at it, let’s keep the grandstands in the south end zone and make do with the crappy old golf course....
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    Ole Miss Insight?

    There's been a lot of talk about the IU-Ole Miss connections. One that I think could play in our favor is that Kane Wommack's father still lives in Oxford. Hopefully he's had a full season of watching them play. Could be a nice source of insight for how to defend a high-powered offense.
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    Guy Skills

    My biggest issue with the bare metal bit is where the hell do you find bare metal in a modern engine compartment these days?
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    I-69 Update work helps finish project a year early

    You’re talking about five miles of highway that were designed and built in the 70’s. They’re gonna rip out every bit of concrete and start over, new drainage, new everything. Having to try to do that while maintaining traffic access is incredibly difficult and incredibly dangerous for the...
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    Ole Miss struggling with covid and opt outs
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    2021 IU Forecast

    Auto-correct gold mine there......
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    What if PSU beat IU?

    I believe the gum throw was at Michigan. Don’t recall the specifics of what prompted it, there have been so many bad calls up there they kind of run together......
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    Maybe we don’t have to worry about Coastal Carolina jumping us....

    Bottom line is you're only looking at a third of the population vaccinated by April. Not an expert, but you'd need upwards of 70% of the population vaccinated for it to be considered a success? From the National Association of Manufacturers: Dec. 10: The Vaccine Advisory Board at the Food...
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    And so it begins.....

    Thanks for posting this. The most interesting aspect to me was this: "McGriff was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army in 1990 and was a member of the Army Reserves until 2001."
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    Penix had his surgery it looks like...

    That seems counterintuitive, does it have to do with reducing imbalances as you rehab?
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    I received the surprise of my life this morning.

    Would that have been the dealership on 11th St? Had a ‘80 Cutlass and then an ‘86 Century that I’d take there for service. Always liked the service manager.
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    Gary Barta is Clueless

    Glad I stuck it out to the end, but it was really weird to be laughing at something so painful.....
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    Oaken Bucket.....

    Put a "C" on it.....
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    Team activities are getting paused for us, as well. So now what?

    MoCo population 150k, Dane Co population 550k.
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    An observation....

    I never used to watch the player or coach interviews, if I could I’d find the transcripts if I really wanted to see what was said. However, with an Apple TV and YouTube becoming our main way to watch TV, I’ve watched quite a few this year. Tuttle’s interview before the Wisconsin game was...
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    What's cooking at the staygate tomorrow?

    Mid 80-s alternative rock. Anyway, they had a song about White Castle. Saw them in concert at the Vogue, when they played that song they brought in bags of White Castle and were tossing them into the crowd. For me, it was a weird mix of laughing hysterically whilst trying not to throw up....
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    What's cooking at the staygate tomorrow?

    Have you ever heard of a band called the Smithereens?
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    Thank You Fred Glass...

    Only there’s MORE parking spaces as they are permanently laid out and not relying on a painted line on gravel with lot attendants trying to get drivers to park closer to the last car. I’ve not tailgated in the new lots that were converted from gravel, but I’d have to imagine it’s a much better...