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  1. McHoop

    Sam Story.

    "Coach Story"....... fify McHoop
  2. McHoop

    C'mom we all knew the outcome

    IU doesn't currently do that.... I'm not sure there is a single player on the team right now who says to themselves "we got this." And that isn't easy to instill in a team. I know because I suffered through four years of a losing team mentality in school. You know.... "well, here we go...
  3. McHoop

    C'mom we all knew the outcome

    After twenty some times, this is why I didn't even watch. I did record it just in the event something crazy happened. It didn't and I deleted the recording. Won't watch again (at Madision) until they get a W up there..... McHoop
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    BWAHAHA.......... You probably attend "Stole the Vote" rallies..... I will most decidely relish each and every tie in the senate..... when the new VP comes out to break that tie. You know, like when the silver-haired syncophant would be periodically trotted out to do his masters...
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    I wish to subscribe to your newsletter..... McHoop
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    Tough break for Justin Smith

    I laughed out loud at his condescension of someone "defending bad basketball" while defending the crown prince of last year's bad basketball..... phark Justin Smith. POS can't spell teamwork. McHoop
  7. McHoop

    Every B1G Team has high % 3pt shooters but IU

    That's because they still haven't figured out the first step in defeating a 2-3 zone..... McHoop
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    Interesting Comment In Archie's Postgame Presser

    The problem, or one of of them, is that IU starts a guard the caliber of Durham; in the BIG. Seriously, if you were picking teams on the playground and had Northwesterns guards and IU's guards, WHO WOULD YOU PICK FOR YOUR FIVE? It's embarrassing IU is compelled to go with this lineup as...
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    Bump this thread when Kentucky Sucks.

    Bump.... Soap Opera at Rupp McHoop
  10. McHoop

    Aminu picks the Hoyas

    Not sure why so many PUkes hover around here like gnats.... McHoop
  11. McHoop

    Justin Smith

    Good riddance.... flippin' cancer. McHoop
  12. McHoop

    Covid is no joke!

    Wishing you all the best! Mend quickly! McHoop
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    Our guards are incredibly average

    It makes me want to set my hair on fire watching them muff open jumpers. Once last night, Franklin got a serendipitous bounce of a ball and found himself able to take a dribble, gather and shoot a wide open three.... for naught. I could beat most of these guys in H-O-R-S-E. And then, when...
  14. McHoop

    That was a bad matchup.

    Ball's got to go through the peach basket. Ain't happening near enough right now. McHoop
  15. McHoop

    Strong effort

    Hell, yes they could have..... by as much as double digits. Way too many open looks that clanged, way too many second/third chances by FSU and way too many bounces/balls that went to the Seminoles. My kingdom for a true assassin, shooter.... McHoop
  16. McHoop

    From ESPN. No surprise at all.

    OSU won on the field against IU. Doesn't bother me too much. Hopefully, IU gets to kick the shit out of someone in a brides-maid bowl.... on a nice TV spot. McHoop
  17. McHoop

    Congrats to Indiana!! 2020 Big Ten East Champion!! nt

    As a current Dish Network customer in Indiana, I will not "like" this post. Nothing personal though.... McHoop
  18. McHoop

    Move the Bucket game to Noon on FOX*

    Uh, no. Being that I'm a Dish Network customer here in Indiana. At least, at the present. McHoop
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    I am here when the boilers are down

    Check this out.............. OSU fan mentality..... I've been retired for a couple of years and just had the opportunity to speak with an old co-worker for the first time since doing so. He's originally from Ohio and of course, a big OSU fan. And otherwise, he's a great due. However...
  20. McHoop

    Is Brunk playing Wed.?

    True, dat...... McHoop