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    He can’t be worse than what we are getting everyone. Play the managers...
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    Player development

    Have any IU players really developed their game under Archie....other than Franklin....who else is improved year over years? TJD hasn’t....he has so much potential that isn’t getting developed.
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    Coburn camping...

    How about we call 3, 5, or even 8 seconds for camping in the do you miss someone that big just standing in the lane the entire possession???
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    One Shining Moment: IU's 2019-2020 Season

    Took an entire season of clips to get enough made shots for a video.
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    Hope he doesn’t take our spot next year.
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    Did TJD do enough

    He can’t shoot...he will be back. He has great footwork and if he gets a soft touch around the rim or a jump hook he will be a BEAST!!!
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    Was that a "THUD" I heard

    Archie hasn’t seen a ray of light in a while
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    Phinisee is just a below average point guard..

    He is much better than shown....he’s isn’t pushed....and these guys need pushed
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    Archie is terrible

    Listen to Crean talk makes me want to so yes anyone is better than Crean.
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    It’s like Archie wants to be fired...

    Maybe Knight will step in and finish the season tourney run!
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    If we don’t make 3’s tonight at Nebraska then we lose

    Or stop shooting them and take shots you can make.....what a crazy idea.
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    So tired of this crap that we can't fire a coach for underachieving in 3 yrs ...

    Where else can you be a CEO of a corporation and fail to perform year after year and keep getting paid millions....only at IU. This isn’t exactly a knee jerk reaction post but common sense. People who get paid top dollar excuses.
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    Even Archie says we can shoot the ball................

    If the lass inside and kick it out....shots will fall. They do this at times and almost immediately go away from it once it starts working
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    Lots of missed ft's. Not too many turnovers. Not sure what Al was doing........

    This team needs a killer mentality....put them away!
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    This attitude is exactly what is wrong with IU Basketball....we don’t expect to beat Wisconsin....seriously?
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    Bench them all the 2nd half

    At some point the coach needs to send a message why do other programs rebuild so put out this kind of effort at any other program and you ass sits on the bench for 2-3 game until you understand what is expected
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    Bench them all the 2nd half

    Remember when players used to exceed expectation with shear grit and playing hard?
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    Bench them all the 2nd half

    Let the 2nd 1/2 half of the bench finish the game
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    Wisconsin missing just one block calls time out to correct it...pull you head out or sit... IU, give up 15 unanswered with all kinds of can our guys have such a low motor, IQ, ability to follow instructions....on the road?
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    Wisconsin Series

    It’s time for Coach Miller and Indiana to start owning Wisconsin again!!!!