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    I would rather watch the Hallmark channel with the wife than watch golf
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    Your assessment of offensive and defensive potential is spot on. All he will be asked to do is replace Carter as back up for Myles Johnson. Hasn’t played a lot of organized ball prior to coming to the US, best guess he will need three years before any shot at pro ball. Should be starting center...
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    Congrats from NJ. Lot of RU fans were pulling for your guys.
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    NB is altitudally challenged. Your guy Brunk should have a great game against them, if you can get the ball inside
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    Is this announcer ....

    Probably the elbow/forearm to Mathis head prior to the pull down
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    At Least we made 1

    I think you had 2 threes
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    Romeo Flu

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    Will Romeo be a lottery pick?

    Google is your friend.
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    Will Romeo be a lottery pick?

    Actually it’s Georgia. (the former USSR republic not the US state)
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    Will Romeo be a lottery pick?

    Looking at his stats, don’t see he is any better than Rutgers Cory Sanders. Left early (after junior year) played one G league game and is now playing in Serbia.
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    Headed to Rutgers

    Didn’t know RU had a coach named Scott Piekell
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    Dan Dakich says he'd "urine" on Bob Knight's grave....

    Obviously you never saw “Animal House”
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    They will never admit it

    Rutgers had two key players out with injuries that game and was reduced to using a walk on and a bench warmer significant minutes.. RU is a Jekl and Hyde team - tonight the good version showed up.
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    They will never admit it

    Rutgers only lost by 2 in their last game with Purdue
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    Why is "Going to a Bowl" such a mark of accomplishment around here?

    Going to bowl (even a crappy one) for the first time in a long time can be a big deal to a lot of fans - at Rutgers, after years of being terrible, fans stormed to field in celebration when we beat Navy for our sixth win of the year to become bowl eligible for the first time in a looong time...