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    Fire Scott Dolson

    You would think being a RMK manager, he’d have high expectations for hoops. Probably just be a yes man like Fred.
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    Fire Dolson!!!

    Fred Jr. Great
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    Game over man what do we do now?

    Masters cancellation will be coming as well.
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    So, where are we now

    You lost me with Rush
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    IU may have won the last game of the season

    Your posts are so predictable- didn’t even have to see who posted it. You’re a funny man NOT!
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    Big ten tournament cancelled

    Is this Sean Hannity?
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    IU may have won the last game of the season

    Yeah beating Nebraska is hight note. Not! Cancellation will probably save Miller’s job.
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Michael Lewis got more into BK more than CAM has gotten into a player.
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    New AD?

    Dolson and CAM gets an extension next year
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    I’ll give credit where it’s due- that was a good one.
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Wow. Looked like an idiot.
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Short man syndrome
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    Time to end this: "We need Indiana kids..."

    CAM has not proven he’s any better than Crean. He’s a coach getting paid very well. The Crean excuses are BS. And CAM’s defense can’t stop anybody.
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    Archie is right

    CAM has Napoleon syndrome.
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    '19-20 vs. '20-21

    To bad the coach can’t transfer out.
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    Lol that’s how you blow a 9 pt lead

    And by year 3 that should’ve happened.
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    Time to end this: "We need Indiana kids..."

    No- none of them look up to par. They’ll be great as another bubble team next year. RP, inconsistent and JH’s shooting is not that great. The defending of Archie and blaming Crean is BS. Archie allows poor defense, poor shot selection , etc. Crean has nothing to do with that.
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    An open letter to Archie about arguing with the media.

    He’s getting nervous because he’s starting to be exposed.