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    You don't like Archie? We had no idea.
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    Can't watch but listening to Fish... my gosh, TJD is awful around the rim. He has to be around 25 percent inside of three feet. I will never understand how highly rated recruits can be such horrible shooters.
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    Allen needs to clean house.

    Finding ways to lose games... that's the typical IU I've watched for decades.
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    I had a weird thought earlier

    I've learned to never be surprised by the lows IU football (and basketball) can achieve.
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    If your coordinator gets a job before a bowl game....

    I always like Michigan's approach when Bill Frieder said he was leaving just before the NCAA tourney started...
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    Allen needs to clean house.

    Especially when your QB is having obvious issues with his arm. But honestly, is it not typical IU?
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    Wow.... that was some of the worst execution I've ever witnessed.

    He probably had minus 20 yards for nothing.
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    Wow.... that was some of the worst execution I've ever witnessed.

    I'm joking but Whop looked like a guy with money against IU..
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    Wow.... that was some of the worst execution I've ever witnessed.

    My gosh this program can't get out of it's own way. Another blown bowl game.
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    D needs turnover

    Basically got it with the shank..
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    Must win game

    Actually, I never said anything about the bowl selection here...
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    The door has swung wide open

    Can IU step through it? Come on Hoosiers.
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    Guess I was wrong, Tuttle is FAR from done

    what a gritty kid.
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    Worse game of Whops career

    just can't do anything right... killing his team.
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    Must win game

    I think this just proves how bad the Big was this year.. fools gold. Ole Miss is way ahead of our team and coaching.
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    Is there any doubt now that Penix is a really good college qb?

    Penix is talented but he's made of glass.
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    Should've fired Wommack at the half

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    Tuttle's done, saw it when he took the sack earlier

    he can't throw and we refuse to run apparently.. doesn't look good.
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    Totally Out Coached So Far

    If I was Wommacks new boss I'd be concerned.
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    Wommack getting exposed badly

    IU defense is three plays behind Ole Miss.... this is about to get ugly. Offense isn't any better. Probably just a sign of how bad the Big was this year, the bottom of the SEC is dominating the upper part of the Big.