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    This thing about beating winning teams....

    You can't say Iowa was from 1962 to 1981. It did not have a winning season during that time. It did get to a Rose Bowl in 1957 and 1959 before that long drought.
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    This thing about beating winning teams....

    I once checked on this because I knew Michigan was down in the 1950s and 1960s and MSU was very good in those decades. The Spartans won 14 out of 18 game with the Wolverines during those years.
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    Taking one for the team

    It doesn't excuse our bowl performance, but Ole Miss came closer to Alabama than anyone else until Florida in the SEC championship.
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    That Noter Dame is in the CFP is a joke. Nt

    That's why ND has a perfect chance to make the playoffs being in the ACC. Its schedule strength was 57th and three opponents were 96th Georgia Tech, Syracuse at 101 and Duke at 104. The lowest B1G team was Illinois at 91 and our strength of schedule was 18th,
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    Here's a interesting transfer candidate

    How about the NFL receiver Fair Hooker?
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    Opting Out Is Getting Ridiculous

    Yes, and a humorous side note to that was that Grange and his agent went to the White House to meet Calvin Coolidge. The agent told Coolidge that Grange was with the Bears, and Coolidge said that he always enjoyed animal acts.
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    Opting Out Is Getting Ridiculous

    I once read about the Illinois great Red Grange. As soon as his senior season ended he withdrew from the university and turned pro with the Bears. I guess he wasn't a great scholar!
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    B1G vs. SEC

    Ryan Day did an interview that would have made all IU fans upset if they had seen it. Day said that OSU "let us" back into the game when we played. Let us? So we didn't have anything to do with that. It was OSU just being nice and not trying to score in the second half and obviously they had the...
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    A&M wins big, Iowa St loses, OSU unimpressive

    The ACC is perfect for ND, since that conference is generally not very strong. Usually a couple of good teams and nobody else. ND's strength of schedule is 65th and other than Clemson and North Carolina there is not much else. The Irish didn't play Miami, but North Carolina drilled the Hurricanes.
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    Brian Kelly

    With the way the writers and broadcasters feel about ND, they will probably move the Irish up to No. 1.
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    Chirp Chirp

    I went to our game at Ball State when Kellen Lewis led us back to victory in the second half. During halftime one of the BSU fans looked over to our section and told us how much we sucked. When the game ended he was no where in sight. The worst thing was having a driving rainstorm right as the...
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    From ESPN. No surprise at all.

    No, we just needed a few more minutes to go against your tremendous secondary.
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    From ESPN. No surprise at all.

    Especially when we are eighth and ninth in the regular polls
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    Bowl game

    I was just saying that because it was a guaranteed rate bowl. That's called a play on words. I need to quit making those quips.
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    Bowl game

    Apparently they were "guaranteed" a bowl game.
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    Urban Analysis

    I have seen several interviews of Urban Meyer where he has been extremely complimentary toward IU. And color analyst Greg McElroy always comes across as liking IU and called them "America's Team."
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    Two More Wins

    When I first heard that our conference was cancelling the season, I told my wife that it would be our luck to have the best team we've had in 30 years and not be able to play.
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    Two More Wins

    I wonder if we gained any respect from Alvarez based on yesterday's game.
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    Indiana Nationally

    I think back to the years when we would have had very good records with any kind of defense. Right away those would include some ARE seasons and a couple with Wilson.
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    Hoosiers Handle Business, Hand Maryland 27-11 Defeat

    I'm glad we finally started running outside with Baldwin. That should increase our chances for longer gains. I have to wonder if we haven't done that with Scott and James is because they don't have breakaway speed.