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    Death March 2020-21 - only 8 undefeated D1 Teams remaining

    I could see Baylor, Michigan, and Gonzaga all go undefeated. One of these three will win the national title.
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    Hitch in shot

    Galloway has the hitch you’re talking about. Nojel had it for Purdue. Extremely hard to fix at this stage of a players career
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    He probably will if Franklin is out for awhile
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    Joey Brunk....

    Comparing apples to oranges. IU had one of the best and hottest teams in the country in 93 before Henderson’s injury. They had Chaney, both Graham’s, Anderson and Bailey. IU’s team now is one of the bottom three in the big ten. No comparison if you actually watched both teams play.
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    What I like about Franklin

    You need to read the book Pistol. It talks about all of the drills Press made Pete do. One was Press would have Pete lie down in the backseat of the car with the car door open. He would have Pete dribble the ball outside the door as he drove. He would speed up as he was dribbling. They...
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    Top 25 big ten players

    Funderburk played over 12 years in the nba, is a Rhodes scholar and has written several books. He supposedly is brilliant. Who would have thunk?
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    IU leading for both Kaufman and Miller

    Kaufman and Miller play the same position
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    Why isn't the NCAA allowing official visits for basketball players?

    Liability. Everyone is covering their asses so they don't get sued.
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    Bruiser Flint

    Isn’t a moyle a rabbi that does circumcisions?
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    Tjd at center?

    Bench players
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    NCAA Rips Kansas regarding allegations—Wow

    The ncaa won’t do anything. They talk a big game, but won’t punish one of their big moneymakers.
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    Kaufman's HS Coach

    He wants to study physics
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    Justin Smith is early entrant to NBA draft; if so he may be gone

    You can only do it twice and still be able to come back.
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    Luke Goode

    He is one that could come back and haunt IU and Purdue
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    Seniors return

    I don’t think scholarships are guaranteed. They just are allowed another year of eligibility.
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    Best uniforms in the big 10 (top 5)

    The candy stripe pants are horrendous. They make them look like fools.
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    Did TJD do enough

    Hopefully, they won't measure his height. That will do damage to his draft status.
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    No brackets coming

    Why would they have brackets. Since none of the men's tourneys were held, they had no idea who would make it. They aren't going waste time on women's bracket
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    He will end up at xavier. He will not play on the same team as Lander. l
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    IU to Big Ten Tournament Title Game per Dakich

    Dakich also said IU would win 24 games and beat Purdue twice.