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    Perfect Game preseason Top 25

    The B1G needs to allow some out of conference games, and they need to do so while some meaningful games can be scheduled.
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    Random Thoughts

    Yurchic was a grad assistant at IU 2003 -2004 before going on to various positions at St.Francis. Talented individual hope he doesn’t stay under Franklin long.
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    Perfect Game preseason Top 25

    IU has a lot of talent on the 2021 roster, in a way almost too much. Hard to keep everyone happy. However, the biggest factor regarding the 2021 season IMO is what the B1G ultimately decides to do with the 2021 season. College Baseball 2021 shows the current status of various leagues wrt 2021...
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    One extra game . . . and Nebraska started to figure it out . . .

    Last year Coach Allen emphasized the value of the extra 15 or so practices that the bowl provided. This year is of course quite different with, for example, the B1G attempt to cram 8/9 games into 9 weeks & Covid. As of this morning I count 11 power 5 conference teams who are forgoing bowl...
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    MLB Top 100 2021 Draft Prospects

    Today’s news from has a list of the top 100 2021 draft prospects. Think it is a free site but in any case unsigned but committed Colton Montgomery comes in at #48 and McCade Brown is listed at #88. The short write ups talk about their upsides in addition to demonstrated talent. If...
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    Other Big Ten Crossover games...

    In the context of how the B1G has handled the 2020 football season (IMO => FUBAR) these match up make more sense than Hairball’s stupid week 9 option.* Before explaining let me say no B1G official should use the phrase ‘out of an abundance of caution for our student athletes’, or the words...
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    Allen to Auburn?.....

    No and he isn’t going to Vandy either.
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    A few facts and some questions & opinion mixed in

    Warren answers to the Presidents, once the other SEC, ACC, & B12 didn’t fold and OSU out the weakness in the paper on secondary heart impacts, with cover for extensively protections the President’s relented. Alvarez as a long term AD, if not longest, was a spokesman/salesman. Good point...
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    A few facts and some questions & opinion mixed in

    Only wrt timing, the Masters field was pretty complete. Claiming some inter conference game win when the SEC ACC are practicing underscores where you are in the Power 5.
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    A few facts and some questions & opinion mixed in

    1. This age is very low risk of suffering serious illness. 2. The athletes are much better protected than the general student population. 2.a Side note one could argue there should be virtually no on campus students, save for hands on research work etc. But, that leads back to the main driving...
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    A few facts and some questions & opinion mixed in

    First, OSU is by far the most talented team in the B1G. Nonetheless the ball is oblong and takes funny balances so on any given Saturday..... B1G couldn’t have messed up managing the Covid issue wrt to football if they tried. The hubris of B1G lead to the premature stoppage of football prep and...
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    1st things first

    The first issue to be resolved is the extent of the Covid problem on the team, and IU’s ability to get it under control in order to be fully prepared for a game on the 18th. The second issue is the outcome of the Wisconsin - Iowa game. If Wisconsin wins that game there is nothing to be gained...
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    MLB launching wood bat prospects league

    No doubt about that. Just think college baseball has progressed greatly in terms of coaching and facilities etc to the point that the lower level minor leagues could be replaced with various benefits for MLB, e.g. significant dollar saving and I believe increased fan following coming with the...
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    One happy Dad

    Thirty four years ago the Hoosiers faced a strong Big 10 opponent without a key player; actually one of the best to play his position in IU history. The back up played creditably but 2 misses left the Hoosiers on the short end of the score against the scarlet and gray. While I am not saying Mike...
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    MLB launching wood bat prospects league This will set college baseball back, especially in this year of Covid impacts on college schedules and athletic funds. Was hopeful moving the draft back was going to be part of more supportive approach to college baseball. NBA & NFL...
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    When does the Big Ten put in the "Fix" and find a Way to overturn the 6 game rule ?

    The B1G is special, here is how the Championship match up will be determined:
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    When does the Big Ten put in the "Fix" and find a Way to overturn the 6 game rule ?

    While Harbaugh might, University of Michigan would never allow that to happen. Closer to home IU must win 1 of the next 2 to be in position to play in the B1G Championship game regardless of what malady might befall The O$U.
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    I agree with Joel Klatt

    Yes! and IF we win out, that is a huge IF, we will have survived the most difficult schedule in the B1G and earned the opportunity to play for the 2020 title!!! For the B1G this season has been largely about O$U being able to compete for the national title. IF, for whatever reason they only...
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    What do you think about freshman football?

    Highly unlikely freshman football returns. In this year with the stupid way the B1G set up the too long delayed football schedules, I would seriously consider the 9th game as an exhibition game (except of course for the O$U coronation game) and give 2nd and 3rd string members the majority of the...
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    All Republicans Want To Take Away Your Social Security

    The point of my response was the future “taxes“ in both the ACA and the 2017 Tax Reform were part of the shell game played in today’s “governance”. FWIW here is a short piece regarding Federal income tax revenues by individual income level...