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    Perfect Game preseason Top 25

    I don't see any reason for not allowing fans at baseball games. Social distancing is not a problem at all for most games, even before the pandemic (not counting NCAA tournament games). Just limit the number, in case there is a huge turnout for some reason. Plus, it's outside, for crying out...
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    Jerome Johnson Declares for the NFL Draft:

    I'm not concerned at all about Jerome Johnson going to the NFL (or attempting to). He was a 5th year senior......I know he had a chance to come back due to CoVid but I can't realistically be upset about not coming for a 6th year. He definitely was our best D-lineman but I like what we have...
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    2 of our 14 seniors are back....

    That's fantastic. I really hope Marcelino is rewarded for his troubles and has a huge, healthy year to catapult himself into NFL teams' considerations.
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    We are going to get rolled today

    Well regardless what happens the rest of this game, there should be zero talk that we deserved a NY6 bowl.
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    Anyone else a little ticked off right now watching Northwestern Auburn?

    Idc, I love watching SEC teams lose. I hope they lose every bowl game from here on out.
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    This Is Freak'In Awesome For IU Football

    I'm concerned with the matchup of Ole Miss. I think that really screws us, personally. We are in kind of a no-win the extent of proving the committee wrong. We are going against a 4-5 SEC team, that (by record) is the 8th best team in that conference. So, the only way we...
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    Since the game is Friday

    I just don't see how things will be different a mere 6 days later.
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    Alright Indiana fans, WTF is going on?

    I'm surprised more hasn't been said about this. I just NOW saw that IU stopped all football activities, from a headline 19H hours ago. Not sure how I missed it. I saw PU cancelled practice but not us too.
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    CFP rankings a joke.

    I was going to mention that. There is NO way you can still give OSU the credit and keep them at the top, while not giving us credit for our only loss being 7 points to them. What a complete f'in joke.
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    Path to CFB Playoff

    Then it will be Iowa-OSU.
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    No 8 and 9 in polls, -12 1/2 over PUkes

    But that is not in the bucket game. In years where we have been a much better team (not a lot of years, obviously), it is still usually a very close game. Just look at last year. We were the better team but had to win in double OT. 1993, we ended up 4th in the conference and Purdue last and...
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    Path to CFB Playoff

    There is no way they make IU-OSU the Big Ten championship game. If OSU-Mich doesn't happen and they still decide to put OSU in the game, then they will play the winner of the West.
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    Post game interview

    It was just all genuine. You have players that love the guy, and the guy that loves the players.....and has relationship with each of them, you can tell. I love this team.
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    Post game interview

    Are you serious? This should be the topic of the night.
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    Partially, I was at work.....I actually live in Westfield but I knew CG would kill them. They have destroyed everyone all year, except for Cathedral (who easily beat Westfield in the first game).
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    This is really a game thus far, to see who can make the most bad plays. I've seen high school games with better passing and execution.
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    3 more bad passes. WTH is going on with him?
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    He has never struggled this badly for a complete half. There has to be something wrong with him.
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    2nd completion on a tipped ball, lol.
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    Offensive line play is terrible

    He can't hit water if he fell out of a boat today. Only pass completed was the one he threw up on the offsides.