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  1. mike41703

    IU would have been in NCAA Tournament per Lunardi

    Lost Morgan and Romeo and got better this year. Nearly 20 spots in kenpom. I didn’t like several games and it was far from perfect but this is improvement. I expect another jump next season. Top-15 is the expectation.
  2. mike41703

    John Beilein in the BTN studio.

    Haven’t seen kyser, ****peaugh or edub yet..
  3. mike41703

    Archie's debut on ATH

    GET ‘EM ARCH! GET @Fredsbeirhaus TOO!!
  4. mike41703

    Prediction Thread: Wisconsin @ Indiana

    Hoosiers by 8. 71-63 F Wisconsin.
  5. mike41703

    IUs NET ranking?

    bullshit. It’s about who you’ve beaten when on the bubble. And we’ve beaten MSU, OSU, Iowa, Penn State, FSU. Neutral court vs UConn and ND isn’t bad either. No current bubble team has a better resume than that all the while sporting a top-15 schedule and no Q3/4 losses. Losing the next two...
  6. mike41703

    IUs NET ranking?

    Whats “interesting” there is that every other BT team on average is about 20 spots higher on the NET vs the old RPI. Except us. That’s really strange.
  7. mike41703

    IUs NET ranking?

    Lunardi is a dipshît. What other bubble team has as many good wins as us with no Q3/4 losses? And we have a top 15 schedule strength. He’s a moron. But, morons make these decisions. A win vs Wisconsin and we are in easily. A loss and we better beat someone not named NEB/NW or we are probably out.
  8. mike41703

    CAM Losing It

    Isn’t @TheOriginalHappyGoat a mod?
  9. mike41703

    Trey Kaufman to IU is imminent

    Lol wow dude..
  10. mike41703

    Do you guys want to see some butthurt?

    Not reading it. Wtf do pedo state fans know about basketball? Like others I’m shocked they even have a hoops board. When they lose Stevens they are going to ****ing suck again. Chambers is a total loser. YAWN.
  11. mike41703

    Iowa was over-rated

    Same here. We usually don’t do well in that thing. Playing Iowa more would help that.
  12. mike41703


    How the **** is Iowa rated? Outside of Garza you guys are terrible. No depth, no athleticism, no defense, Fran as a coach(lol). Hey bud, you’re welcome here anytime. We’d love to see more teams like yours to feast on. It’s one of the few teams we can dominate. Cheers!
  13. mike41703

    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Ohio State

    Ohio by 37 something around 81-44
  14. mike41703

    Xavier Simpson.....

    Your childish behavior after every bad game is bad enough. But your racist agenda should be banned from this board.
  15. mike41703

    Prediction Thread: Maryland @ Indiana

    Hoosiers by 3 70-67
  16. mike41703

    Juwan Howard Michigan Coach

    god I hope IU pounds rape U tomorrow so you leave the boards for a few days.
  17. mike41703

    Purdue Fan here

    This isn’t about what you think, feel, or want. It’s about facts. The one that matters says the schedules are the same.
  18. mike41703

    Purdue Fan here

    Why did you only include a portion of the Noncon? According to kenpom, the non conference schedules are indistinguishable. But you have an agenda here so being honest isn’t in your best interest. **** off