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    Fans in the stands?

    Ask him about his forecast of a 1 to 2 month delay to start the NFL season, that also never happened. On a side note, ask this board if anyone remembers that I lobbied for IU to go after Kiffin, as head coach, a few years back. It certainly came back to haunt them, for those that doubted at the...
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    Can somebody explain to me how Crean was better?

    Cody never played for Miller. Not sure where you got that from.
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    The Changing Defense of Archie

    You've been happy with falling further behind in the conference year by year? Wow. And the recruiting? Falling farther behind there also.
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    +7 vs ILL

    Taking IU +7, or any single digit it might have switched to, is/was not considered great value. If anything, the line looked a little low to me, but I got it at -6.5 as I originally thought we'd lose by 12 or more. If you consider value on a spread, first thing you need to do is don't look at...
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    Archie's PC

    Much like your bet you lost (to BRCB) that you didn't own up that you'd quit posting?
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    Hunter is a HUGE disappointment!

    That's what libtards like him do on a daily basis. They don't like or allow a differing opinion. Welcome to the the new Communist America for the next four years.
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    we are not that bad

    We were probably fortunate Illinois did not play their A game. I was a bit surprised we hung around long enough to still have a chance inside the 5 minute mark. Really thought we'd lose by double digits.
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    IU finishes last in the Big this season

    If you aren't first then you are last.....or something like that.
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    How many games does IU win in BIG

    I see us favored in 4 games max as of today. Doesn't mean we couldn't win more than that, but still, that is quite an uphill battle to fight.
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    Be prepared...

    Think I read or at least heard there might be a makeup game vs Baylor. This was a few weeks ago so not sure if any progress has been made.
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    Recruiter - Motivator - Tactician

    I think we need to add another: e. Bust: 8.5
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    Utter Lack of Respect by CFP Committee

    One little correction: Georgia did not lose to Arkansas. Their two losses were to Alabama and Florida.
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    Good Basketball on Tonight

    In case you didn't know, Bucky is synonymous to Wisconsin, not OSU.
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    NY6 bowl/victory, next year a National Championship

    If there ever is a time to beef up the noncon schedule, this would be it. Add Kentucky and or Missouri. See if we can play a decent Pac12 team. Ask Notre Dame if they want a game. It's time to remove some of the lesser schools on the future schedule. We need to play and beat somebody worthy...
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    Allen to Auburn?.....

    It was Ole Miss, not Auburn. Perhaps that's the reason Wilson was pushed out so Allen would stay.
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    Bump this thread when Kentucky Sucks.

    Hell yeah I'm bumping this!
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    IUWBB hosts Butler (date change) on BTN

    Can you provide a list of what should have been done then, and now going forward? A complete shutdown is not the answer no matter what crazy ideas you might have.
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    Traveling? Ill vs Mizzou question.

    Looks like a call missed to me. Traveling indeed.
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    was nervous about the Purdue game

    Absolute lock city. Vegas linemakers were very generous to IU bettors this season. This game would have been no different had you taken IU on the spread, which was around -9.5 or -12 depending on where and when you got a piece of the action.
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    More Thoughts on NY6

    How about Bama losing convincingly plus all the others you mention? Could get interesting.