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    Bowl Game Defense

    As I watched the OSU defense get torched last night by the 'Bama offense, I was reminded of our bowl game defense and I was left with a thought/question. I absolutely hate it when a defensive game plan consists of "keeping things in front of you" and giving up yardage until the other team is in...
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    Two Winnable Games Next Week

    Currently tied for fifth in the league. Go Hoosiers!!
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    I suppose...

    ...all the folks who said, after we played so well at Wisconsin, that only wins and losses matter, will be posting about how thrilled they are about the results tonight. Right? That said, tonight, was a big bowl of yuck. Sheesh. Go Hoosiers!
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    Streaming Service Advice

    We've had Hulu for a couple of years and haven't had any troubles
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    Transfer Portal Just thought I'd share,,, Definitely a new dynamic in college sports. I thought I would be disgusted by it, but I'm finding myself enjoying it. It's exciting. (Guess that shows how...
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    Looking on the "bright side"

    I like your optimism. I'm generally optimistic about the future too. I continue to be concerned, however, about our lack of a player who can create his own shot on offense when the clock is running down or when the game is on the line. Illinois has Dosunmu. Wisconsin has Trice, etc. etc. We...
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    Javonte Brown

    Wow. That is exciting. Would be fantastic if it came to fruition.
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    Timetable for the DC hire?

    Just personal preference. Any time he would spend planning defense, I would prefer he spend that time recruiting. I think he would do a great job...clearly, he already did a great job.
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    Timetable for the DC hire?

    Good question. I haven't heard anything at all. I have to admit, if there's one staff position in the whole program that I don't worry about Coach making a good hire, it's this one. He could go anywhere from doing it himself again (I hope he doesn't) to hiring externally, to promoting...
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    Losing to the #8 team in the country, at their gym, in double overtime isn't exactly the kind of loss that will prevent us from making the tournament. Sucks to lose, I get it, but again, as far as losses go, this one isn't going to hurt our tourney chances
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    I think you're absolutely right
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    Archie got him the ball at the end of regulation. He had a heckuva play and just missed it. We just didn't seem to have much left on offense in that second OT.
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    Disappointed that we fell in love with trying the three ball at the end of the second OT. Proud of the effort tonight though.
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    Because he isn't very good right now
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    Player development

    The statistics tell us they all have improved on the defensive end. It seems like your question is: Who has improved offensively, except for the guy who has improved the most offensively.
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    Shooting Analysis

    The data seem to support the assertion that Archie is running good sets. Players are missing good shots.
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    Desperation (Slightly OT)

    University of Texas Football Coaches: Charlie Strong - 3 seasons Tom Herman - 4 seasons Steve Sarkisian - New I know some of you think continual hiring/firing of coaches is somehow a sign of "goodness" of a program because it represents high expectations. Texas has now hired its third coach in...
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    Charles Campbell

    Yes. He was great today!
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    Post-game thoughts

    It was the non-throwing shoulder, but still.....
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    Post-game thoughts

    I totally, entirely, 100% agree with you. Just do NOT get it