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    Pikiell at Rutgers= Allen at IU?

    Pike is a great coach and great person. Rutgers basketball has been one of the toughest jobs around and has stunk forever. Extremely impressive job. Will be a Rutgers legend
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    Is this announcer ....

    Lol he slammed into Mathis. Why do you think he was falling? They both fouled. Flagrant 2 loll come on
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    Face the reality

    Rutgers was 4-15 from 3 so neither team shot well from deep. Both teams played great defense. Rutgers defense is elite especially @ the RAC. With one player under 6'4 there is length everywhere. Effort was there though from IU. Smith impressed me the most. Brunk played well too. TJD had a...
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Rutgers

    You must not know who Jacob Young is. There is no chance someone 6'7 is quicker than him. Best athlete is not the same as quickest. You'll see the second he steps on the floor. Lightning quick. So quick his struggles were basically due to him being too quick
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Rutgers

    Update.... Geo Baker is dressed and available. He was expected to miss a couple more weeks with a broken thumb. This is unexpected news and a B1G boost heading into tonight's matchup
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Rutgers

    Rutgers fan here. Excited for the game as this is the first season in decades we have a legit shot at NCAA. Interesting to see a lot of Rutgers win predictions here. Rutgers has won 2 of the last 3 and has their best team yet since joining the B1G. For those that don't know, the RAC is an...
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    Rutgers player Issa Thiam arrested on 7 charges

    He started for a couple years but has been passed over by the incoming freshman and slipped to 10th in the rotation.